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Ripilica World is a place of great discoveries and adventures. With an approximation of children’s imaginary, the series seeks to enhance creativity and dream. Lilica is Donna’s best friend, and they are the key characters in this world. Stuffed, Lilica becomes a companion in this environment that blends nature and fantasy: an expression that outdoor play is a necessity of child development. Scenarios such as the Araucaria Forest and the Village of Guidos harbor fantastic beings that reveal the humor and invention that inhabit childhood. Creating, unraveling the secrets of time, change, uncertainty and the exercise of autonomy are some of the principles that give rise to the stories of the Ripilica World.



Mundo Ripilica is the result of Marisol’s desire to connect with children through entertainment, with quality and responsibility. We idealize a light, healthy content that stimulates the imagination of children.

The need for this direct dialogue arose a few years ago, when we created the Lilica and Tigor Club, which brought together thousands of fans around playful and educational activities. The time has come to bring Lilica to life. This beloved koala, created 26 years ago, will dialogue with the children for the first time, giving vent to important themes of the children’s universe.

It is through the digital platform that we seek to encourage children to live the outside world and build their own experiences. Thus we connect the experiences of technology to the fundamental need to play free and explore the world.

Our commitment to childhood is to provide entertainment that respects a child’s understanding of the world. It is through the connection between the digital and the real universe that we hope to contribute to the experience of a healthy and happy childhood.


The company works in the creation and production of animation, character, illustration, visual experience and mini-game films for different platforms and segments. With DNA in animation, seeks to merge 2D animation techniques, 3D and technology in advertising projects, series, short and long. Performs work for major media such as tv, internet, cinema and alternative media (mapped projection, holography, real-time and VR).

With 21 years of experience, Singular, a company founded by Geraldo Leite, is positioned in the communications industry with expertise in strategic media consulting, media research and youth projects. Since 2008 she has partnered with Beth Carmona, when she expanded her actions to the area of project development and content production for children and young people.