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It’s a 6 year old koala girl, best friend of Donna. Smart, smart, brave and creative. Adventurous, talkative and curious, Lilica has the wisdom of nature is a dedicated friend. Loves to climb trees, eat jabuticaba and thrive on flowers, stones and stars. Cheerful and full of energy, she likes to play with her friends and being with her great friend Donna, with whom she lives adventures, discovers many things and always ripples. She is always ready to unravel Joana’s riddles, find solutions to small challenges, but sometimes gets into trouble.

In the human world, Lilica is Donna’s stuffed koala, and she’s in the World Ripilica that gains all its strength and joy.

Key features: adventurous, tomboy, funny, smart, smart, creative, curious, agitated, friendly, supportive.Lilica holds the key to the Ripilica World. Lilica’s Skills: Understands the language of nature, understands the language of Guidos, understands the language of Zep, climbs trees, whistles very well and plays the flute and loves to unravel her world with her friends.

Lilica’s tastes and preferences: playing with Donna, creating and guessing riddles, jabuticaba, playing in the river, running, Joana’s special cake, dancing to Joana’s ukelelê.